Thursday, April 24, 2014

Your chance to load up on Dandee Eats, #Winnipeg!

I'm SO very proud and excited to donate some of my Dandee Eats treats to this weekend's Vegan Bake Sale Fundraiser for C.A.R.E. Winnipeg and Before The Bridge K9 Rescue going on at Boon Burger on Bannatyne from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday. You won't want to miss this epic event! I know I'll be taking home a TON of vegan goodies myself so come early in case I end up buying it all! They sold out early in the day at their December sale so be sure to mark your calendars and bring a BIG bag! Just make sure to leave some room for a Boon burger, too.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fresh Rawsta and my Spiralizer!

One of my favorite kitchen tools to use since exploring a raw, vegan diet has been my Spiralizer. It turns all kinds of fruits and veggies into the most delightful strings and ribbons replacing things like noodles with a fresh, raw version. You can spiralize beets, carrots, potatoes, yams, apples, pears, jicama, parsnips, rutabaga, melons, cucumber, pumpkin and all kinds of squash. The options are almost limitless! Just check out this Pinterest page for some tips and ideas. The results are SO darn pretty! I found mine online on Upaya Natural's website. They're based out of Ontario and have all kinds of raw foods and kitchen tools to choose from AND they offer free shipping for order over $100.

After our trip to Gardening Saturday, I had some delectable balsamic vinegar from Prairie Oils and Vinegars that I just had to try out on one of my all time favorite dishes. So, out came the spiralizer and zucchini to make some Rawsta with Basil Balsamic sauce!

After Spiralizing some zucchini and chopping some mushrooms and bell peppers, I made up a delicious dressing. In my mini food processor went fresh basil, roasted garlic, Prairie Oils and Vinegars traditional balsamic vinegar, evoo, fresh ground pepper, lemon zest and juice, fresh tomato and a pinch of Himalayan salt. Topped it all with some cashews and basil leaves! Bellisimo! The only thing that would've made this dish pure perfection would have been if I had picked the tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and basil from my own back yard. In due time. In due time.
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