Monday, August 25, 2014

Mighty Mushroom Beet Burgers!

I had a very fun and productive day in the kitchen yesterday making some nut butter (that almost killed my Vitamix! YIKES!), a tasty mango, grape and kiwi balsamic salad for a very special birthday celebration, double chocolate chip cookies that weren't really cookies in the end and these DELICIOUS mushroom beet burgers that were a HUGE success!
So, this latest batch of veggie burgers had beets, celery, mushrooms, tomatoes, sprouted sunflower seeds, a cayenne pepper, lemon zest and juice, spinach, miso, ground flax, hemp hearts, lots of herbs from the garden, fresh ground pepper, fresh garlic, vegan worchestershire sauce all blended in my food processor. Once it was rather pasty I dumped it into a big bowl and added in the leftover lentils and quinoa I had on hand along with some more hemp hearts. Shaped them into various patty sizes and baked them at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes on parchment paper. Chucked them in the freezer to pull out and defrost for making burgers, topping salads or just as a side dish! YUMMO! That miso really adds a ton of flavor and a good wallop of probiotics!

Seriously! How pretty are these layers?? What's not so pretty is the pink paste that results once the blades do their work.
Still, YUM!
And thanks to these tasty buggers, dinner last night was SO frickin' tasty, not to mention downright beautiful! My freshly made mushroom beet burgers on top of a massive romaine leaf topped with avocado, tomatillo, cucumber, pickles and a few dollops of a balsamic mango beet salad then drizzled with some more balsamic with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and freshly ground black pepper. Mine had some drips of Sriracha for some extra heat. Talk about flavor packed!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dandee Eats is BACK on the scene, #Winnipeg!

As I'm sure all of you can relate to, life has been getting in the way of me keeping up with doing regular posts here on the blog and for the tiny handful of you that actually follow me here, I apologize for that. I can't promise I'll be posting all the time but I'll certainly make an effort to pop by from time to time for those of you that don't follow me on Facebook (where I post FAR more often).
ANYWAY!! The first order of business is to let you know that I'll be selling my treats at the Etsy: Made in Canada Market happening here in Winnipeg at the St. James Civic Centre at 2055 Ness is St. James on Saturday, September 27th from 10am to 4pm. You will NOT want to miss this event, I promise you that. There will be at least 40 local Etsy makers with their creations on hand and of course, I'll be there with my handmade goodies and tasty, vegan treats, too! Spread the word! Bring your friends and family! Support your local makers, people!! It's good for them, good for you, good for your wallet, good for the local economy, good for the planet, it's just a good thing all around! Pop me an email to let me know if you have any requests for what I should bring for you hungry people out there: Stay tuned here or on my Facebook Page or Twitter Page to find out more about the event as it gets closer.
In the meantime, FOOD! Here's what I've been eating lately. What's been on your plate this summer with all the local bounty we've got at our fingertips?? I'd love to hear all about your discoveries and delicious kitchen successes!

Been changing things up again in my Lunch Time Mason Jar of Goodness lately! Ontario peaches, local wild blueberries, figs, a scoop of my cranberry cherry granola, a scoop of some vanilla Vega protein powder, cinnamon and some organic brown rice milk. I make it the night before and give it a good shake. Once I eat it the next day it's all creamy and delicious and very filling!

This bowl of delight was the salad I brought to the W.E.S.T. Winnipeg Etsy Street Team Summer Picnic on Sunday and what a lovely picnic it was thanks to Milena of Just the Goods, Ruth of Periwinkle Designs and Marlene of Magination! The salad had the MOST BEAUTIFUL local candy cane beets, mango, local cucumber and fresh figs with a cinnamon pear balsamic dressing for extra yumminess, topped off with some Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods hemp hearts!
Some raw-ish local zucchini pasta with some local kale, local mushrooms, some tomatoes and my first harvest of my ground cherry tomatoes, organic corn and some of my garlicy mixed local beans. I steamed it all for about two minutes to soften it a bit. Then for the sauce, I chopped up some local red onion, basil, oregano and thyme from my garden, some lemon juice, Frescolio, Inc. wild mushroom olive oil, chili lime balsamic reduction that I picked up in BC, fresh ground pepper and a pinch of Himalayan salt. It was a flavor EXPLOSION!!

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