Friday, January 31, 2014

Beautiful beets! Thanks to Harvest Moon Food Buying Club!

Talk about BEAUTIFUL, am I right!?! It almost felt wrong throwing this stunning, organic beet (one of many beauties from my last pick up from Harvest Moon Society food order) into the Vitamix.

Along with that gorgeous, striped beet, I threw some Harvest Moon Society carrots, banana, kale and other mixed greens, lots of ginger, pineapple, Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts, a big scoop of Natural Vega One and topped it off with the zest from one lemon and a hearty dash of cayenne pepper. Looking for heat anywhere I can get it these days.

And here is the gorgeous green goodness that resulted! I know it somewhat resembles the goo that gets poured on the heads of kids on You Can't Do That on Television but I assure you, it's all kinds of yummy.

The smoothie was SO warming from the inside with all that ginger and cayenne! I HIGHLY recommend this to start your day if you live anywhere in southern Manitoba. You all know what I'm talking about.

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