Sunday, February 2, 2014

Finding comfort food that will comfort you in every way.

Sometimes life..... happens. And I know I'm not alone when I tell you food is my #1 go-to for comfort. Way back when, I mean WAY back, my go-to was a trip to KFC/Taco Bell for a snackwich and fries supreme. Not that long ago my go-to was a big bag of Old Dutch chips or a giant, grease soaked bag of home style fries from George's. But as I continue this journey into falling in love with foods that don't make me ill but can still comfort me, I've also learned to give myself a break from time to time. Now I can assure you my days of fast food are behind me and I miss NONE of it. But I will indulge in some George's fries from time to time and find some new alternatives that may not be 'healthy' but are certainly less processed and laden with ingredients I just don't want in my body. Yesterday my comfort was an entire Theo's chocolate bar from Vita Health Fresh Market.
Granted, I could've eaten it over a few sittings but yesterday I needed to just sit and eat some delicious chocolate all in one go. The difference between what I might have craved back then, like a Snickers bar, is that I now know the importance and HUGE benefit of organic chocolate that is certified Fair Trade and is made by a reputable company I feel good about supporting. And for a moment, I felt the creamy comfort I was in need of. Not only was I comforted by the amazing levels of flavor and texture and flat out yumminess, but it also felt good to support a company that gives a shit about the food they're putting out into the world.
What's your go-to comfort food? Do you have a healthier alternative that is giving you as much comfort as the not so healthy one?

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