Monday, February 3, 2014

Waste Not!

I do my best to use every last bit of what's left over after making any recipe. This little dessert has some remaining rock sea salt and cocoa powder from making my Brownie Pops for the Point Douglas Is For Lovers - A North End Craft Sale I'll be selling at next Saturday (my debut as Dandee Eats!) along with some banana, cashews and maple syrup topped with some goji berries. I may have slightly overdone it on the sea salt upon the taste test but I'll try it out from the freezer tonight and report back with a full review.

My latest jar of homemade nut butter turned out a bit thicker than usual since I still had some date paste left at the bottom of my Vitamix when I started. Another attempt at using every last drop of ingredients that the spatula can't get to. Still very yummy but a bit more chunky than usual.
Once I scooped out as much nut butter as I could from the bottom of the Vitamix and could no longer fit anymore into the jar, it was time to throw in my smoothie mix for the day. That extra bit of nut butter added in the protein and happy fats I like in my smoothies. I also threw in a hearty bunch of kale, an apple, ginger, banana, a berry cherry mix and some hemp hearts.
Creamy, nutty, veggie, fruity goodness ready to go! These small containers for my NutriBullet come with handy lids that make them perfect for taking on the go too. I'm really enjoying this new kitchen gadget of mine!
My Sunday morning smoothie was calling for some substance to get me going for day seven of twelve work days in a row. A handful of dried cranberries, goji berries, some cacao nibs and some shredded coconut did the trick.

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