Monday, February 10, 2014

Thanks, #Winnipeg, for being so awesome!

What an AWESOME Saturday! Thanks SO SO much to everyone who organized and came out to the Point Douglas is for Lovers Craft Sale! It was a beautiful day filled with lovely faces and an incredible array of local makers. I had so much fun meeting some new folks, talking food and smart ass cards. I can't wait until the next sale in this incredibly warm and welcoming neighborhood!

It's become a bit of a tradition to Treat. Our. Selves. after one of my craft sales, taking a night off from kitchen duties. And most times we find ourselves at the home for vegan comfort food, Boon Burger on Bannatyne. We almost always get the Super Supper Platter for Two and it covers everything we're craving and we almost always manage to eat every last bit without feeling over full.
Their special burger on Saturday was my favorite black bean burger (gluten and soy free) with a peach pineapple jam and another tasty sauce with tomato and lettuce. They're sweet enough to split the soup (which was Tuscan Tomato) in two bowls for us and cut the burger in half too! I skip the bun and just eat the toppings and pass the bun to my sweetie to dip in the soup. The house salad is always a monster sized portion which I LOVE and for some reason, the fries on Saturday tasted the best I've EVER had. Perhaps since it had been so very long since I've had fries, my taste buds were overjoyed. It all really hit the spot, I must say. Just what I needed.

And I can't go to Boon and NOT have their ever delectable coconut milk soft serve! It was just my luck that the flavor of the day was Chocolate Chocolate, my all time fave. Needless to say, we scarfed if up so fast I didn't remember to take a photo until after we were done. It took all of my willpower to not stick my mouth under the soft serve machine and gulp, gulp, gulp until my brain was frozen solid and my belly was filled with coconut milk chocolatey goodness. YUM!


  1. yeaaaaaaaaah! What an amazing event! Point douglas is for lovers, true true truuuuuuue!!! Great seeing you Andee! Thanks for filling mah belly with raw delights! =-)

    1. Always a pleasure, Milena! Thanks for loving my raw delights! ;-)


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