Friday, February 28, 2014

The Papaya Experiment

Well, the verdict is in. I'm not a huge fan of papaya. At least not the variety I tried last night. First of all, I wasn't prepared for the smell upon cutting said fruit open. It was a cross between barf and dirty socks. Not exactly appetizing. So of course I Googled it and turns out that's normal. It tastes NOTHING like it smells which was a relief. But that being said, the salad I made was yummy but I won't be rushing out to buy this kind of papaya again. I do want to try the smaller variety though and see what I think of those. Live and learn!

Papaya salad with carrot, radish, tomatoes, jalapeno and avocado topped with lemon zest and grated frozen fresh ginger and dressed with a mix of coconut marinade, Sriracha hot sauce, lemon juice, fresh ground pepper and a clove of garlic. LOTS of flavor and very refreshing but alas, not a huge fan of the Papaya. Worth a try though!

This is the papaya I bought from Superstore to try. It's pretty huge and is the Formosa variety. I threw half into my salad and the other half into a smoothie with some mango, a big hunk of ginger, banana, mixed greens, Vega One natural protein powder and some mixed berries and cherries along with some filtered water. Again, wasn't my favorite with the papaya flavor being rather noticeable. Lesson learned! On to the next new fruit/vegetable!

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