Saturday, February 22, 2014

Testing out some new protein powder.

Vita Health Fresh Market has their Garden of Life Raw Protein powder on sale this week so I thought I'd try out the natural flavor in my smoothies for a while. I'm a HUGE fan of their Cacao Bliss Raw Meal powder but didn't want to have chocolate for breakfast everyday. Well, who DOESN'T want chocolate for breakfast everyday but you know what I mean. I save that one for treats and only buy it in the small packet size. Plus the Raw Meal is SUPER filling compared to their Raw Protein powders, I find.
So far, I like this new protein powder in my shakes but I don't love it. I'm not sure if it's the powder or the fact that I might be using more greens this week but the consistency has certainly changed in my smoothies. It's not bad. Just different. But if I had to decide, I think my vote is still for the Vega One Natural protein powder for my smoothies. Good thing I loaded up on it during Vita's last sale!
P.S. Thanks HUGE to my awesome Ma who sent me that amazing, ceramic knife as part of my Valentine's Day care package! It's AMAZEBALLS!

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